A new year, and new expectations.

With the changing of the years comes the inevitable list of predictions. Have you seen them?

Newspapers, like the Globe and Mail, list “What to expect in 2015”. In their lead editorial of January 1, the editors Googled “what to expect in 2015” and listed their results under the headings Most Depressing, Neutral and Most Hopeful. A nice summary, if slightly overwhelming. In their Life and Arts section, they warned of making New Year’s resolutions that were “sweeping and vague”, saying such attempts at goal-setting attempts were “destined to fail from the get-go.” Their Health advisor then listed 15 tips to have the healthiest of years.

I’m not big on predictions. I don’t make them, and though I read them, I don’t truly expect them to come to pass as stated. Nevertheless, this is a season when we may be thinking of our own expectations for the coming year:

  • A new job?
  • A special trip?
  • An occasion that will be a highlight of the year to come?
  • Finally doing some job around the home we have been putting off, or splurging on a project or purchase we have waited for?

What expectations are you thinking about for 2015?   Are they specific, or vague?  How important are they to you for the year to come?

If you feel comfortable sharing one, please post a comment and let us know what you expect in your life for 2015.

Next time: Back to the process of managing our expectations together. We look at the three options we have when we come together over our expectations.

© Brian F. Reynolds BFRspace 2015

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