About Brian Reynolds

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If you are like me, you know that unmanaged expectations can drive you crazy! 

So, as a husband, father, author and teacher, I want to explore the realm of expectations  and discover ways to manage them in my life and yours. 

Join me in the journey…

Brian Reynolds is a writer, teacher and performance coach.  He has pastored  three churches for over twenty-five years.   Prior to that, he was the Art Supervisor for McGraw-Hill Ryerson book publishers. Brian now serves as the interim pastor for churches in transition.

I love to help people manage the ups and downs of life. From my own personal journey, I recognized the need to manage expectations. When I couldn’t find a book on the subject, I wrote my own: “What do you expect? The question you need to ask!” (www.scarletcordpress.com).

I am currently working on my second book about expectations, dealing with handling disappointment.

How can I help you as you manage the ups and downs of your life in family, work and faith?

Brian and his wife Sandy live in Hamilton, Ontario.  They have two grown children.