We show you how to manage expectations

So you can reduce conflict and stress


improve communication within your teams.


Try this exercise:

List all the expectations you have right now for the rest of today.  Just one day.

What time do you expect to get home?

Are you expecting to eat today?

Are you expecting to have a job at the end of the day?

Now think about the expectations others have of you just for today. Just one day.

Feeling overwhelmed? Feeling anxious?

We live in a world of unspoken expectations and when things go wrong with clients, with our partners, with our friends, with out order at the coffee shop … it’s time to step back and ask:

What do you expect?

Learning how to identify, set and manage expectations can make a difference in all of your relationships.

Customers, potential clients, employees, family, friends, and you – are all sources of expectations. Trying to manage them can lead to stress and overwhelm.

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